New situations can be worrisome for some people and we understand that. At Durant Chiropractic Clinic, we strive to provide a safe, comfortable environment for every patient.  Knowing what to expect can help ease some of the stress or anxiety you may be feeling.


You might find completing our new patient forms at home works best for you.  Or, you might want to fill them out in our office.  Our staff will ask your preference for filling out the forms when we schedule your first visit.  Either way, filling out these forms completely and accurately will allow our doctors to provide you with the best possible care.  We don’t just treat symptoms; we treat the body as a whole.  The information you provide greatly assists us in our mission to do just that.


You spent all that time completing those forms, so we are going to take some time to review them.  The staff and Doctor will review your information prior to stepping in the room with you.  We will review it again with you once we enter the room.  It’s important we fully understand the information you are providing.  We may ask you additional questions to gain an even better understanding of what you have going on.


The Doctor will perform an examination.  This exam will consist of a series of range of motion & orthopedic tests.  Every procedure performed will give us insight into the cause of your symptoms.

X-ray Studies

In some cases, the Doctor may feel it is necessary to take a series of x-ray films.  This may shed further light on any instabilities or abnormalities we find in your examination.


After reviewing your information, performing an examination, and possibly taking x-rays, the Doctor will perform the treatment she feels will best relieve your pain and begin the process of spinal correction, or begin wellness care.

Second Visit

Your second visit to our office is referred to as a Report of Findings.  During this visit we will have you answer some pain questionnaires, which not only are required by many insurance companies, but will also give us a better idea of how your progress is tracking throughout the course of your treatment.  Our staff will perform a foot scan to check for pelvic instabilities.  Next, the Doctor will further discuss any findings from your x-ray films, if applicable.  We will also answer any questions you may have following your first treatment.  The Doctors and staff understand it can be a lot of new information to take in, so please, ask questions!  We even recommend bringing someone with you to this visit.  Sometimes two sets of ears are better than one and can help you remember the information after your visit.

As always, if you have any questions about your first visit, contact us today at (563) 785-6511.