We love hearing from our patients & knowing their experience.  Our goal is always to provide the best possible care to help you feel your best. Your testimonies speak for themselves!

Testimonies From Our Patients

“My chief complaint prior to being seen at Durant Chiropractic was lower back/hip pain. Since receiving treatment, I have felt relief from my pain. I have also noticed better sleep, I can be more active, I have less pain, and I have improved flexibility. The doctors listen to your and go above & beyond for your needs. I would recommend chiropractic care to others!” – Kaci

“The care I received at Durant Chiropractic office was excellent and phenomenal. The staff took their time and did not cause more pain – treatment lessened my pain a great deal. My initial complaint was extreme lower back pain. My pain lessened after 2 visits. I am now able to stand, get up on my own, and drive my car. I’ve also experienced much better sleep, feeling stronger, and a better emotional state overall. I sure would recommend chiropractic care to others. My family goes every 4 weeks to body in alignment and keep us healthier.” – Robin

“I couldn’t ask for better care for my back & overall health. The attention to detail by everyone here is second to none. I always leave feeling much better, not to mention, everyone here is so pleasant. Durant Chiropractic gets 2 thumbs up from me.” – Scott

“Never before have I experienced your very efficient office procedures, communications, and care received from any place else – ever!” – Michael

“My reason for being seen at Durant Chiropractic, initially, was knee problems & a weak back. I noticed an improvement in my symptoms immediately. My experience in this office has been: wonderful & thoughtful care – very engaged in understanding problems and a very efficient office that does well staying on time. That is to say, if this was not great care, I would not drive 25 minutes each way!” – Marie

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