Are you fighting sinus congestion & head colds?  What about allergies?  Are you a sufferer of sinus infections or ear aches?  Check out what our very own Dr. Kelling has to say about the issues:

This is a technique we use quite frequently in our office. We have many patients who request this, especially around cold, flu and allergy seasons.

The Doctor uses a tool called an activator to gently percuss over the frontal & maxillary sinuses.  The frontal sinuses are located above the eyes.  The maxillary sinuses are found along the sides of the nose & below the cheeks.  If you’ve ever had a sinus headache or felt sinus pressure, you know right where these spots are!

First, the Doctor will place her finger between the activator and your skin.  She will then use the activator to create a series of mild thumps while moving over your sinuses.  As she does this, her finger absorbs most of the impact. This creates just enough vibration in the hollow cavity of the sinuses to help knock mucus loose, and as a result, promotes drainage.

Usually within about an hour, patients will report having really nice drainage and relief from their congestion. This gentle but effective technique can be used on both children and adults.

In short, the next time you’re in our office feeling a little stuffy, let us know!