When you think about chiropractors, what comes to mind?  You probably think of back pain.

And you would be right; we can help with back pain.  However, did you know there are many more conditions we can help with, too?

Check out our list.  These are just a few things chiropractic treatments can improve or correct.  Don’t see something on the list and you’re wondering if chiropractic care can help?  Let us know! Do you have questions about something on this list?  Contact us today at (563) 785-6511 to find out more!




          • Hip Pain
          • Knee Pain
          • Ankle Pain
          • Foot Pain
          • Shoulder Pain
          • Frozen Shoulder
          • Elbow Pain
          • Epicondylitis/Tennis Elbow
          • Wrist/Hand Pain
          • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
          • Tendinitis
          • Dislocation

Childhood Illness


Illnesses/Other Issues

          • Bell’s Palsy
          • Sleep Issues
          • Digestive Issues
          • Blood Pressure
          • Organ Function
          • Arthritis
          • Myelopathy
          • Nerve Pain
          •  Osteoarthritis
          • Asthma
          • Vertigo
          • Pneumonia
          • Stress


Sciatic Pain

          •  Whiplash
          • Sprains
          • Strains
          • Ligament Injuries
          • Sports Injuries